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Never tell somebody how to live | Daily #252

If I’m right or wrong I will deal with the consequences.
Never tell somebody how to live | Daily #252
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The past few years have taught me a lot about how society works.

From ‘verified’ organizations telling others how to act and behave to virtue signallers standing with what's trendy just for the sake of social points, to canceling other parties' livelihood.

The free individual has been less and less relevant in recent years. There is almost no free will. You can’t be the other party anymore unless you deal with the consequences. You can’t think and act for yourself, cause a part of society deemed you are stupid.

If you think your health is good and can fight against a virus well enough, you will get hated by a mob. Even though, it’s your decision and your risk to take. Don’t want to get vaccinated? Well, then you are automatically stupid and low IQ, because ‘the science‘.

Quarantine and lockdowns to protect ‘others’ meanwhile increase rates in mental issues especially in young ones due to it. But you were told to by the higher class of citizens cause they believe you can’t think for yourself.

Businesses that went bankrupt, individuals losing their jobs, students that couldn’t complete their studies, and even leading to suicides, all because you were told to by people who think how you should live.

Now, these organizations and individuals are virtue signaling the shit about how they stand for human rights and peace, cause they ‘stand’ with Ukraine. Even though they have never read about the history between Russia and Ukraine.

‘I STanD wITH UkRaINE’, aka ‘I stand with what is trendy’.

These people don’t stand for shit.

They just put their Ukrainian flag in their bio, spread (fake) news about Ukraine, and say how sad it is. They don’t donate money, they don’t volunteer, they don’t donate clothes, they don’t provide housing, they don’t put themselves in a disadvantageous situation.

Yet, they tell how others should live. What others should stand for. What others should believe in. How others should act. What the world should look like.

Fuck them, don’t tell me how to live. Don’t tell me what I should or not. Don’t tell me what to watch or not. Don’t tell what is good and bad. Don’t tell me which side I should stand with.

I digest the information and formulate my own ideas and opinions. If they don’t align with yours or a specific group then so be it. If I’m right or wrong I will deal with the consequences. Why? Cause I’m (at least should be) a free individual.

Don’t tell others how to live.