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Making Growrilla Ad videos | Day #119

Marketing videos for Growrilla
Making Growrilla Ad videos | Day #119

Today, I’ve been working on some Marketing videos for Growrilla. (Also, ignoring U.S. politics but is hard since Social Media is filled with it)

I learned Davinci Resolve in an hour just for this. Usually, I use Sony Vegas Pro on the Windows PC to edit videos. But I want to keep all my work-related tasks on my Mac and keep relaxation on the Windows PC.

Of course, there isn’t that much difference between the tools. They usually just have differences in key-bindings and how they handle clips and audio. In general, they are the same and are aimed towards creating videos.

I see the same in programming languages. I feel like discussing which programming language is better is unnecessary unless you are creating and/or improving one. Whatever you use, it is aimed towards building software. Nothing more. But that is another discussion.

One of the videos that I have created is already available on Twitter and Instagram. See down below: