My posts from a few weeks ago and initial reactions on the Apple M1 device release were indicating that I was making a purchase on the Mac mini.

After more thoughts and discussions I’ve decided that I will be going to purchase the MacBook Pro 13-inch instead.


Well, first of all, I’m using a 15-inch MacBook from 2018. I never really liked 15-inch MacBooks cause they are always hard to travel with. Or at least more of a nuance.

But I needed it cause everything was faster when it comes to development and overall performance.

Now, performance doesn’t seem to be a problem at all according to the initial reviews of the M1. They are so good that they even beat the Mac Pro in some cases!

Then I was also considering buying the Mac mini. As stated in previous posts, mainly cause I wanted a stronger powerhouse for my remote working setup. Also, cause of COVID-19 current situation I’m working mainly remotely anyway.

But the problem at the moment is that the M1 chips are capped at 16GB RAM. Also, no support for an eGPU and limited IO ports is a bit weird. Even though the performance is amazing, it feels a step backward as well to some degree.  Thus I’m secretly hoping next year (or the one after), M1X/M2 is going to be released that addresses these issues. Then I will make the purchase for an Apple desktop device.

Then my setup will be as followed. At home, I will have the strongest workstation available. Then if I need to travel, I can take a weaker version but overall good MacBook Pro 13-inch M1.

If I did purchases the other way around, the Mac Mini wouldn’t be relevant anymore and won’t suit my needs.

So as of right now, I’ve purchased the new MacBook Pro 13-inch and am really looking forward to it.

(Planning on selling my MBP-15 inch starting next year or maybe even something better 😉)