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Love to pay for knowledge | Daily #217

Those are the ones I trust
Love to pay for knowledge | Daily #217
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I love to pay for knowledge. I just paid for a spreadsheet that contains all the information I needed to progress my personal goals. Or at least set up for it.

In general, I love to pay for these things. I pay for loads of newsletters to condense information and for the writer to write their analysis about it. Using this, for the most part, I can make better decisions than the wrong ones.

For example, I pay a tech analyst in the form of Stratechery and have been doing so for years. Due to his newsletter, I’m gaining better perspectives on the tech industry as a whole by someone who is far more knowledgeable than me in a compact manner. This way, I've made better decisions in the tech stock market in general, than without it. I've definitely earned more money than that yearly subscription price.

I think people should do this way more. I don’t understand why people would search for answers and expect a random clickbait blog post to have industry insights. Maybe even worse, trust anonymous social media accounts websites like Reddit or Twitter for their comments. Most of them are all gibberish anyway. Everyone can make a throwaway account.

But people who market themselves and put their name on the line for their thoughts, those are the ones I trust. People who have skin in the game and are in for the long game. I happily support their knowledge and even gladly pay for them. You should too.