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Day #16 | Losing inner peace

Day #16 | Losing inner peace

The internet has created many possibilities. From people that found their loved ones to exploring a new passion. Or from meeting new people from other countries and cultures to discovering new ideas for their personal growth.

The internet has been amazing for everybody that is connected to it

Is it?

One of the things I strive for is inner peace. When that happens, I'm alone. I'm just sitting or laying down somewhere in my own house.

Nobody is interacting with me. There is almost no noise. My phone is far away. The computer is turned off. I'm just there alone with my own thoughts.

In those moments I'm at peace cause I like being alone and disconnected.

However, reaching those moments became harder than before. Before the great invention of the smartphone, the only people who would call or message you where either family or close friends.

I even remember times that I could just leave my phone at home cause I was sure nobody was going to reach me.

Nowadays I feel like I can't live without it. There is just this feeling that something may happen or somebody trying to contact me. Usually, it is receiving messages from a social media app, or emails. And yes, it does happen daily.

I know that is important for me to disconnect when I need to. But, the internet is just too amazing. It has everything. From interesting people to knowledge to stories. Content is being generated daily by so many people.

Disconnecting is hard, but I know that it is needed. If I keep being connected I don't have inner peace. I need to gain back this skill and enjoy being truly alone.