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Losing focus and productivity | Day #75

Once I do I will become lazy and as of right now I can’t afford it.
Losing focus and productivity | Day #75

My mind for the last two days hasn’t been performing well.

I’ve implemented things and written documents twice for no reason. Just cause I forgot I made them already a few months back.

I’ve dosed off and am sometimes working on the less valuable tasks or even the wrong things.

I’m not exactly sure what the reason is currently.

It could be one or many.

It may be the lack of consistent sleep. I sleep usually around 6-8 hours. But I wake up inconsistently. Most of the days I wake up between 06:00 and 08:00. This margin could be a bit too big.

It may be the changes in my gym schedule. Currently, I have to reserve a spot to go to the gym. But due to limitations regarding capacity and available time, I can’t train every day anymore consistently. Now, I’m training three times in the gym in a week, and once at a park.

It may be a lack of focus in general. Due to some circumstances, I have different responsibilities at my main job that differ in their work.

It may be symptoms of being overworked as well since travel has been not recommended during the whole year. Thus I haven’t taken any proper time. (But I will take three weeks off in December from my main job.)

Whatever it is, I have to identify the main reason(s) and resolve it. Cause I can’t have consistently bad days in my performance. Once I do I will become lazy and as of right now I can’t afford it.