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Loads want you to fail | Daily #246

Loads want you to fail | Daily #246
Photo by Finan Akbar / Unsplash

I’ve seen many examples where people desire others to fail in their endeavors. I’m not talking about unethical doings that the grifters do. I’m talking about new technologies, startups, and even individual endeavors.

For example, you see loads of this in the crypto and NFT markets right now. They will say that they don’t believe in the technology, that it has no value, and that you can just screenshot it anyway.

Then they proceed to tell the communities who do believe in the technology that they are stupid. That they are delusional. That they can better spend their time on something else. That the won’t succeed. Or anything else to pray on their downfall.

Why do they do this so often? Why can’t we take the technology apart and see what the positive sides are? Why can’t we celebrate the minorities that technology can help? Why can’t we celebrate the fact that artists finally can get paid on a scale with NFTs?

The hard truth is that they don’t want others to succeed.

They think ‘why should you be the one that is succeeding and not me’. ‘If you succeed it means you were right and I was wrong'.

It is both envy and jealousy.

They actually wish they could be the ones that succeeded. But because they aren't, they try to bring them down or dismiss all of the positives.

It’s not only crypto and NFT markets. It’s also loads in other industries.

‘Just forget about it bro, you won’t become a superstar in this sport’.

‘Nah man, that will never work, people won’t buy that.’

‘Are you stupid? How can that even work, have you seen all this data?’

‘I think that’s bad for you man, you should take more rest.’

‘What about a, b, c , d , e, f and also about z?’

These people who pray for your downfall are everywhere. They can be even your friends. I’ve learned that the hard way. They can be an asshole but also a nice individual. It’s hard to identify them, cause they brainwashed themselves that they are helpful.

‘It’s bad cause I’m not the one doing, thus I recommend it to others, cause my life is not that bad.’

Disgusting and delusional.

A thief always thinks everybody else is a thief.

A bad person always thinks everybody else is a bad person.

I follow this golden rule to filter them out as much as possible.

If they tell you that there is a problem with your actions, they need to also tell what their solution would be.

Why is this important?

Cause if they truly wanted you to succeed, they would support you in your quest. They would give their thoughts, why, and their solution. Even if the solution is garbage, their intention is to help you succeed. The intention is what matters.

Don’t let negative people weigh down on you. They are parasites. But also the opposite is true. The ones that do want you to succeed, are the ones to be cherished.