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Launch Day Growrilla | Day #97

Thoughts on the launch of Growrilla.
Launch Day Growrilla | Day #97

Today, I’ve launched Growrilla.

The app to count anything and everything is now available on the App Store for iOS and iPadOS.  🎉


I’ve also launched it on ProductHunt and as of right now it has 20 upvotes.


Honestly, I expected more traction today. This had lowest numbers compared to my previous projects Kowa, Think Drop and even Esports Calendar (discontinued).

I think the learning point is that I tried too hard. Those previous projects I let it organically launch and grow. But with Growrilla, I advertised more actively on social media channels. This may have backfired a bit.

The numbers overall are not that bad for a mobile app that has been out for 9~ hours as of right now.

  • 65~ new users / installs
  • 20 upvotes on Producthunt
  • 1 upvote on Indiehackers
  • 12~ Twitter Engagements

Could have been better, but still overall pretty glad. 100% crash free-rate though 🤓.

Installs from RevenueCat 9 hours after launch

Over the upcoming days, I’m going to let it organically grow and maybe post some more content about it.