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iPhone 13 Pro initial reactions | Daily #179

iPhone 13 Pro initial reactions | Daily #179
Photo by Howard Bouchevereau / Unsplash

I’ve finally done it and bought a new phone. After almost four years of using the iPhone X, I’ve switched to the iPhone 13 Pro. And it is indeed an immense improvement.

My first impression is that the phone is bigger, thicker and heavier than my old one. This makes it feels like that it is more fragile. It feels like I’m holding a brick, it probably won’t break anything, but letting it fall, makes it feels like it is going to.

But the quality is superb so far. It feels sturdy and the non-rounded design is much better and my favorite.

Then the performance is immediately noticeable. Finally, no more hiccups when I open certain apps. Also, I’ve upgraded my storage as well, thus there is no more need to offload apps, and re-install them when I need them.

But these are the two biggest changes that I’m blown away by. That is the camera and ProMotion display. The camera is ridiculously good compared to my iPhone X. Everything is sharper, higher quality, and photos in light are for me almost comparable to the use of a DLSR camera. All within a phone.

Then the ProMotion display is a game-changer. Yes, they probably should have included it last year, but my whole experience of using the phone is a lot smoother. If you have an iPad Pro and use it regularly, you know what I’m talking about when you try an older iPad version. You can’t go back.

I’ve paid around €1300 for this iPhone 13, and honestly, I think it is worth it. If you come from an iPhone 12 then probably not. But for me, someone who has used an iPhone X for the last 4 years, I think this is an amazing upgrade. I always think you should get the best option available if you plan on using the device for a long time.