Sadly, I got the news that two of my friends were positive.

What’s worse is that I hung out with both of them last week.

We didn’t regularly hang out in the last few months, but unlucky that the time we hung out, they got infected.

I’m currently now in self-quarantine. I have no crucial symptoms at the moment. A bit of a sore throat only, but I even think that is at the moment a placebo.

In the Netherlands, you are recommended to self-quarantine for 10 days. But if you display any symptoms no matter how small after you’ve been in contact with an infected, you must get tested.

So I must get tested and even if it wasn’t a recommendation, I would still go.

My friends their symptoms weren’t that crucial luckily. They only displayed coughs, sore throat, and muscle pains. One did have a small fever for a day but that was the worst.

I’m sure that will be the same for me or even no symptoms at all.

Will write the progress in the upcoming days.