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Growrilla Week Reports Preview

A preview of what you can expect on the upcoming Reports feature.
Growrilla Week Reports Preview

Today I’ve been working on a new feature called Reports. This feature provides information for Growrilla users about how their week or year went for all counts on all tracked events.

Here is a preview of what you can expect from it.

With this, you will get weekly or yearly reports and get a feeling of if you are progressing or not. Also, if you are active on being a Growrilla user 😉.

I’m currently in the stage where the weekly reports are almost finished. After that, I will be focussing on the yearly report and then the all time report. When those are finished, I’m releasing this feature to the public.

Stay tuned!

I’ve also fixed a bug today where the ‘’last seven days’’ card wasn’t displayed correctly in terms of height. This was caused by going into February where the ’02’ is larger to display than ’01’.

This has been fixed and an update is on its way.