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Growrilla Fixes, Talks, Tired evenings | Day #120

New and upcoming Growrilla version. Talks with work and tired evenings.
Growrilla Fixes, Talks, Tired evenings | Day #120

Growrilla Fixes, Talks, Tired evenings | Day #120
Today, a new update has been released for Growrilla 1.1.0. As written before, this version has several new features. Go download/update now if you haven’t yet.

I’ve also already pushed out another update with is version 1.1.1. These will have the following fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where notification permissions are requested upon entering the statistics of an event
  • Fixed an issue where the calendar logs view crashed when deleting more than 4~ logs

I’ve had talks with Somnox today again if everything goes well, I will be freelancing for them. The main reason is cause I truly like Somnox as a company. They have an ambitious goal and does everything they can to resolve people their sleeping problems. I want to support them in ways that I can when I’m not a full-time employee anymore.

There is just currently mismatches in terms of my growth and their plans, which is why I’m leaving. I won’t go into details in this article, but Somnox is open and desire to still work together. Instead of working for them, I will be working with them.

This evening I’ve been a bit tired. Limited energy, don’t want to do development on Growrilla or edit marketing material. I think this is just one of those evenings.

I will spend the majority of my evening time with my girlfriend and reading.

Tomorrow will be another productive day though.