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Growrilla - Add Custom Amount | Day #123

Don't have to hold the count button 100 times anymore.
Growrilla - Add Custom Amount | Day #123

Today, I’ve been working on a new feature for Growrilla.

This new feature allows Growrilla users to add up a custom amount of counts to an item/event.

This means that users that may for example do 100+ push-ups,  100+ squats, and/or 100+ deadlifts a day, can more easily count it rather than hold 100 times the count button.

Go count how many times you’ve done a push-up in 2021! 😉

This was pretty easy to build from a coding standpoint. Most of the logic was already implemented since I was already taking this into account. The most challenging thing was where to put in the UX.

I don’t like multiple interactions within a view. Like swipe left and right in views. Feels like it is too much interaction stacked on top of it.

Since in the Growrilla app, there is already an interaction where you hold a button within the view, I don’t want there to be an additional interaction.

So with minimal adjustments to the current interaction, I made it where you just double-tap the count button. Then a view will show up in order to add up a custom amount to your count item.

I think this is the most optimal solution, but we will see it in practice.

This feature will be coming in version Growrilla 1.2.0