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Growrilla 1.5.0 - Sharing Feature

So share and celebrate your progress.
Growrilla 1.5.0 - Sharing Feature

I’m a firm believer that you should share and celebrate your progress whether it is big or small.

Four times in the gym last week? Share it.

Earned a new subscriber to your blog? Share it.

Ran 5 miles again? Share it

It doesn’t have to be publicly either. Just with your close ones.

If they don’t want to see or hear you having progress in your life, they may not be your friends or family.

If they do want, they will give you positive encouragement and to some degree most people like it.

Even emojis, stickers, and emotes encourage people these days.

So share and celebrate your progress.

In Growrilla 1.5.0, this will be made easier. A sharing feature will be added that automatically screenshots the content and then be shared on any social media platform of your choosing.

Stay tuned for this update!