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Day #52 | Getting COVID19 tested

Overall, I think the experience was unique.
Day #52 | Getting COVID19 tested

Today I got tested for COVID19. It was a completely new experience for me.

One of the first times where for health reasons a cotton swab (q-tip) went deep into my mouth/throat and nose.

I felt extremely weird when it went to my mouth. I felt like I was getting gagged and even had the feeling of throwing up.

But honestly not all too bad. I think I’m just not that used to that feeling.

Then q-tip with a small-head went into my nose very quickly. At first I didn’t really notice anything, but after a while, my nose tunnels started to get itchy or even burning.

Overall, I think the experience was unique. Of course, I don’t want to do it again, but it wasn’t that bad.

If I need to do it again, then I wouldn’t mind that much.

Will get the results within 48 hours.