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Forced Rest Day | Day #115

A headache means that I have to rest.
Forced Rest Day | Day #115

So today wasn’t that great of a day. I had lots of TODOs planned for Growrilla and some things I need to sort out with my company.

However, once I worked for an hour, I randomly got a headache and specifically a ‘tension headache’. This is a headache that is mainly on your forehead and makes it feels like you have a not very stretchy headband on.

It could have been many causes. I ate pretty much shit during the last three days due to New Years celebrations. Or it could have because of the lots of TODOs this month.

But I will bounce back tomorrow.

A headache means that I have to rest.

Limit screentime.
Limit working tasks.
Or whatever that can make you feel more relaxed.

Don’t fight it, cause your body and mind never lies to you.