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Family First | Daily #174

Don't take it for granted.
Family First | Daily #174
Photo by Daniel Cheung / Unsplash

During this week, I was talking with a friend and I gained much a lot of respect for him.
Without naming him, he basically told me that he is under a lot of pressure at the moment. His mother is having mental breakdowns (or sickness) right now, and the son (him) is taking two days every week to take care of his mom.

You have to know that this person is building and maintaining a million euro business as well. He is dedicating most of his time to building this company and when a close family member needs help, he still makes time for them. That is one of the aspects of being a man.

Being there for your family when it matters

I have the utmost respect for those we truly care for and take care of their loved ones. Just imagine that you were in the same place, you are a parent and when you need help from your child, they disappear. That's tragic in my eyes. And I don't to ever be that person.

Unless your parents have been mistreated in horrible ways, it is your duty to take care of them when the time calls. Raising you wasn't something you should take for granted. Your parents took care of you cause it was their duty as well, if they didn't they would have left you. Don't take it for granted.

Be grateful that they took care of you, and do the same when they need it.