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Excited for the Holidays | Day #81

Can’t wait to relax.
Excited for the Holidays | Day #81

This year had its up and downs.

According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2020 is the year of Rat and I’m my sign is the same. (You can deduct my age now with this information.)

There is a belief that people will have either an amazing or very bad year when it is your Chinese Zodiac year. I don’t necessarily believe in superstition but like to reflect on it.

This year has been particularly hard on me.

Mostly due to COVID situations that restrict most of us in the West.

I’m going to do a full-year reflection by the end of December, to write publicly what things went wrong and good. Of course, not all personal details can be shared, but at least I can write some interesting stories.

Due to various let’s say ‘bad’ moments this year, I haven’t taken proper time off. This December I will though.

I’ve scheduled a long holiday/vacation in December. I will be taking three weeks off from my full-time job. During this holiday, I’m planning to fully relax.

I may work minimally on the launch of Growrilla, but that is all it’s going to be.

I’m going to play videogames, go to the gym and spend time with my family, girlfriend and good friends during these times.

Can’t wait to relax.