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Dumb useless tech stacks | Daily #198

Deal with that problem at that time. Not the present.
Dumb useless tech stacks | Daily #198

If you give a shit about tech stacks, you are a bad developer. 80% of all the tech stacks are useless unless you truly need the highest performance and scalability futures.

Most companies don’t even have millions of customers. Even if they do, it’s probably for payment systems where you most likely would use a third-party provider like Stripe or Adyen.

Unless you work at incredibly big companies with an immense userbase like Google, Netflix, Booking, Apple, etc. You don’t need to care about the tech stack. Hell, you probably don’t even need to think that much about architecture.

“BuT tHe ApP MaYBe NeEDs to BE sCalAble in ThE EvENT OFF”

Yeah, why don’t you write code as well for every potential bug that can come up as well? Or 100% test coverage to ensure everything works correctly. Or log every potential crash with all the needed logs to fix it within an hour.

I’m like 99% that you probably won’t have to support millions of users. Forget about the best tech stacks, and just choose what you are comfortable with.

No customer gives a shit if the web app is developed with Vercel, React, or Vue.js. No customer gives a shit if the mobile app is developed with Swift or Flutter. Customers give a shit if you can improve or resolve a problem of theirs.

Tech stacks are built to satisfy developers. You basically can’t go wrong with any of them. If there is no tech stack yet, choose what you or your team is most comfortable with. Don’t discuss “WhAT IF?”.

Take action and start building.

Deal with potential problems later. Your code probably needs to be written anyway after five years. Maybe after five years, you do really need to support millions of users. But deal with that problem at that time. Not the present.

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