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Downies | Daily #188

Those days that you feel like you aren’t good enough.
Downies | Daily #188
Photo by Ryunosuke Kikuno / Unsplash

I’m having one of those days again where I’m feeling like a failure.

Those days that you feel like you aren’t good enough.
That you are not the best person you could be.
That you are not in a situation where you thrive.
That you feel like a pretender.
That you feel like you bringing others down.
That you feel like aren’t manly enough.

Well, f*ck that.

I’m going hard. I don’t care who stands in my way.
I try my best every day to live not to exist.

F*ck that shit jerking off in a circle and talk about how sad or depressed you are.
If you are in that group of people, get out, you will get comfortable cause you are with the same people as you. On the contrary, you need to find the people that can get you out of that shitty mindset.

Face the problems. You aren’t good enough? Well, become good then you piece of shit, instead of wasting your time crying like a bitch. "OooohHHh, but it takes time and hard work." Yeah, no shit, that's progression.

I’m going hard and I will be the best I can be no matter what it takes.