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Don't exist... live | Daily #171

I would rather die now than know that I didn't consciously try.
Don't exist... live | Daily #171
Photo by Totte Annerbrink / Unsplash

I was one of the stupid and selfish people that sought the path of least resistance.
Why? cause it was easy. All I had to do was get good grades in high school and people would love for me it. Besides being forced to work with my parents in their restaurants, I had all the freedom in the world. I never needed to study that much for any exam and then I could just meet up with friends, chill, play video games, drink, and all the other stupid stuff.

But I realized four years ago, that I was just existing. Just doing my part to live an ordinary boring life like many. All I had to do is pay taxes, work for a well-paying job and that's probably it. Just some means to live and survive by... not to thrive.

I was dumb and selfish. Why dumb? Cause I thought that what a good citizen was. Why selfish? cause I only thought about myself and what I wanted with minimal effort.

Now I'm changed. I try my damn hardest to achieve my goals. Yes, I'm failing a lot of times. I rarely blog about them cause they are still embarrassing as fuck. But I'm not going to do normal stuff and expect abnormal outcomes. I want to live and thrive. I want to suffer for my goals. I would rather die now than know that I didn't consciously try.