Somedays you are distracted from your work. I’m not talking about unplanned events, like children crying, construction workers, or the internet not working.

I’m talking about the times where you keep putting your focus and time into different things.

The times where you research about an interesting story-line.

The times where you watch the (e)sports matches.

The times where you talk about other topics besides work.

The times where you code something else entirely.

Those may not be distractions. It could be industries or topics where you are truly interested in. Most of us randomly end up somewhere. We get a few job offers and chose the best or interesting one available.

But after some months, you keep being distracted by something else. Your boss may tell you that those are distractions, but we all know the reason you are distracted in the first place.

Cause it is more interesting than your current work.

If that is the case, don’t treat it as a distraction. Treat it as a research topic. Research the topic and find out why it interests you so much.

For all we know, you may have found your dream work environment.