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Day #65 | Growrilla progress Calendar View

Within this view, you can see all the logs of a specific day for Growrilla - the app to literally count anything.
Day #65 | Growrilla progress Calendar View

Today, I’ve worked on the calendar view of Growrilla.

Within this view, you can see all the logs of a specific day. This view is to explore the logs of previous days of a certain event you are counting.

It also allows for the ability to delete logs. Just incase you made a mistake and mis counted. Or if you forgot to count with Growrilla somehow, you can also add an additional one on the specified date.

Calendar View for Growrilla - The app to count literraly anything

Stay tuned for more updates!


The struggle with SwiftUI is for me still the List. I still don’t why we can’t adjust parameters like the background color, separator-line/style, and EdgeInsets.

I feel like every time I’m working with it I have to use the following lines:

UITableView.appearance().separatorStyle = .none
UITableView.appearance().backgroundColor = UIColor(Color.background)
// or 

These lines feel so awkward when SwiftUI should be powerful for these standards views. The lazy grids are much better than List, but because delete or edit actions are a bit more complex to accomplish in the grids, List is preferred for now.