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Day #59 | Sick Day

Day #59 | Sick Day

Today was one of the worst days of my health.

Slept terribly due to excessive sugar intake yesterday cause it was my brother’s birthday. (I’m not good with sugar)

Then I woke up as well with one of the biggest headaches I’ve had.
Worst of all, it became a worse headache over time.

I basically laid in bed starting at 13:00. I slept for an hour or two then woke up and then the cycle began again with sleeping again.

Haven’t completed any of my tasks today besides writing a daily blog post.

I kept remembering something I learned from Naval Ravikant. (I’m paraphrasing here).

A healthy man wants a lot, a sick man only wants one thing.

Today, that saying hit me really hard.

A learning for me is to remember that I’m not good with sugar intake and to always try to sleep well.