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Day #25 | Cut the bullshit

Day #25 | Cut the bullshit

Lots of people like to think that they’re in their best environment.

Everything is great. Every place is good vibes, all colleagues are great, all the work they do is amazing, they are financially stable, their relationships are perfect, they’re healthy, and they got the best friends. There is just nothing wrong.

Cut the bullshit.

If your life is that good, I’m glad for you. Everybody deserves their happiness and peace.

But, if your life isn’t and you just pretend to be, you are lying to yourself. You can post and say all the things you want and people may even believe you, but you don’t even believe in yourself.

Why? Cause you are just a liar and worse of it all to yourself.

Liars lie because they don’t like they don’t the truth.

Their truth is that they aren’t perfect and need to fake it.

Cut the bullshit.

If you want that amazing life work for it.

Become great in a specific skill and get paid for it. Meet people that match your interests and values. Resolve family issues that you may have. Lose the weight that you know is bad for you. Become a better version of yourself and the one you truly desire.

I’m not perfect and I admit that. I’m not financially stable. I got great friends but also ones that drain my energy. I’m not in the best physical form that I can and want to be. I’m far from what I can become and do as a person.

But at least I admit it.

Cut the bullshit and accomplish greatness.