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COVID19 is political | Daily #162

Read carefully and believe your gut instincts. What you read maybe not be the truth anymore.
COVID19 is political | Daily #162
Photo by Austin Distel / Unsplash

Today, (or yesterday) Joe Rogan released a video that he has been diagnosed with COVID-19. He also proceeded to tell that he took vitamins and supplements to keep himself as healthy as possible. The good news is that he is recovered pretty fast and didn't suffer from too many emergency symptoms.

Great news! Right...?

Well for some people it isn't. Joe Rogan basically for the last year has talked about eating healthy, exercise regularly, and take supplements if you have any deficiencies. If you do those things your immune system will be strong enough to fight against COVID-19. Which should be logical.

But for some people, they don't like it. They want others to take vaccines forcefully, else they are beneath them. Worse of all, they don't like that a big figure like Joe Rogan has recovered pretty fast. They wanted him in the ICU or worse... to die. You know who those people are. They write articles that heavily side their own views and celebrate the deaths of 'anti-vaxxers'.

They will say, they deserve to die because they didn't listen.

These are not good people. How could you celebrate the deaths of people or even worse wishing death upon people just to strengthen your views?

These people never cared about saving people, resolving the pandemic, controlling the spread, and being healthy. They care that their views are correct. They care that their beliefs align with their community. If the others don't they disregard them as lesser beings.

Do you know what I truly think? These people think they should be the pinnacle of human beings but are not. But now they got the chance cause by just taking the jab, they can feel and say that they are indeed superior human beings. Do you know what it sounds like? Exactly, a cult.

COVID19 has been politicized which means that information is deformed to conform to the popular party of the platform. Don't read anything anymore about COVID19 and vaccinations. Read carefully and believe your gut instincts. What you read maybe not be the truth anymore.