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Conflict is necessary | Daily #223

Conflicts are a necessary evil to improve.
Conflict is necessary | Daily #223
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I don’t like conflict. I never liked to hurt someone physically, prove them wrong or hurt someone's feelings. But sometimes it is warranted and needed.

When someone is putting yourself in an uncomfortable zone, or disadvantageous position, you have a conflict. You don’t say ‘yeah it’s alright. Those words are for cowards and weaklings.

Did someone punch you in the face? Are you going to say ‘it’s alright? No, you assess the situation and if you can beat the other person you are going to do it. Conflict is there and I’m not going to avoid it.

Have some pride.

Conflict is needed. Not only to have self-respect but to understand you need to move.

Conflict is there when you need to learn something new. Conflict is there when you can’t work with a colleague. Conflict is there when your significant other is annoying. Conflict is there when another party isn’t leveling up with you. Conflict is there when you know you aren’t fulfilling your potential.

Are you going to avoid those problems? No, you deal with them cause you are an individual who can improve. If not, you will deal with consequences later and later turn into regret.

Conflicts are a necessary evil to improve.

Fight for yourself.

Not everything is a utopia.