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Computer Science degree has no value | Daily #147

Body of work tells more than a piece of paper.
Computer Science degree has no value | Daily #147
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I've been graduated from university for around 3-4 years now. Not one job application and the offer did my computer science degree had ANY influence over it.

Sometimes the companies asked for it. But it was more like a throw-away question. 'Are you graduated from university?' Then I answer Yes....

No follow-up questions or even any proof that I really do have one. Why?
Because they care about competence. They are the projects you've worked on. They care about your skill-set both hard- and soft skills. They care about your personal character (personality).

Does that piece of paper even matter to me? In my eyes, no.

Yes, I was glad to retrieve it. Yes, I'm glad to have graduated from a university of applied sciences. Yes, I'm glad I was in education for a time being.

But could I have achieved similar results without it? Yes.

I understand that some people need to sign-up for an education program to discipline themselves to learn a or multiple skill-sets. You sign-up and there will be teachers, professors, and even sometimes project managers, that will require you to do your job and learn from it.

For me, I'm extremely confident that if I left after the first year of university, I would still end up similarly. I would still be a software engineer. I would still be working for a start-up. I would still be hustling and investing on the side.

If you are planning to become a programmer, understand that are multiple roads to become one. Education programs could be one of them, or following an internship, following online courses, create a service on the web, or whatever. Don't believe there is only one road. But there is only one process and that is to consistently keep moving forward.

You are better off with a portfolio of build products, and/or contributions to open-source code. Would you hire a marketeer that just graduated, but has no social media accounts that have x amount of followers, or a marketeer who never graduated, but have thousands of followers across various social media accounts.

Yeah, I chose the latter.

Body of work tells more than a piece of paper.