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There have been a lot of difficult events in the world this year: a global pandemic, shelter in place, social unrest, widespread protests and riots, and west coast wildfires. On top of that we have a…

Companies should have only one goal. That is to win.

To lead the way into a better world.

You can’t win when your employees are clouded with thoughts or dealing with things outside their control.

Imagine being in the army of Julius Caesar or Napoleon. Do you think they didn’t have only one goal in their mind? Do you think they didn’t spend the majority of their time trying their hardest to win?

Of course, they did.

One mistake or clouded thought in the midst of a battle and it is game over in those times.

They only had one goal and that is to WIN by achieving their mission.

Else it would be game over.

They say startups have a very low percentage of making it.

Would they want their people to spend their time on other issues besides winning?


So stop acting as you should deal with all the problems in the world.

The world ain’t perfect and that is just the sad reality.

But you can improve by focussing on one thing at the time.

You can’t fix everything.