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Comfort is earned not deserved | Daily #221

This may the first generation in all of history that think comfort is deserved and not earned.
Comfort is earned not deserved | Daily #221
Photo by Jaime Spaniol / Unsplash

This may the first generation in all of history that think comfort is deserved and not earned. All the crying about ‘deserving’ a better paycheck, an affordable item, free services, great results, and more, makes me want to give up on society.

I truly believe that if you haven’t experienced any low-paying job or shitty circumstances, you won’t appreciate the better ones. Nowadays, there are only a few that truly has earned that comfort and rest.

The others don’t. They haven’t fought for themselves and certainly not for others. They do and learn the bare minimum just to be comfortable for the rest of the hours.

I’m pretty sure you know a few of these in your circle. The ones that do the bare minimum, and then go home being comfortable watching Netflix, playing video games, browsing social media, laughing at others, and then cry about why they are not happy.

You can’t do normal things and expect abnormal outcomes.

Is that comfort earned? Is that where we are at as a generation? Working a few hours a day, then expect millions in the bank, party all time, buy all the things you want, go anywhere in the world, by just working a few hours a day?

90% of the ones that are making that reality have worked their assess off to get there. Besides starting working at a job where they were underappreciated or too much overtime, they took out their private time to learn and build new things. They sacrificed the present for a better tomorrow. And not just for a week, probably years for most of them.

After many years of sacrificing their comfort and more, they can now reap the rewards. They have earned their rest and nobody can tell me otherwise.

Meanwhile, this generation is doing the opposite. They do the bare minimum and expect the best outcomes possible. Crypto has made this much worse as well. Investing a random (Ponzi-scheme) coin and suddenly you have 1000%+ in return. Then dumbasses think they can replicate it.

Never think you earn comfort. Most truly don’t have to right to deserve it.

I haven’t earned my comfort yet, far from it. Even though I’m trying my hardest I don't even know if I will ever earn it. But at least I’m doing the steps consistently to make it a higher chance.