Today has been a hectic day. I was trying to buy a PS5 today, but haven’t been able to do so. Still trying cause I want to play on it during December.

But I’ve also been working on Growrilla. As on my day #66 blog post, I said that I was working on it. Now it is working correctly, with some small bugs here and there regarding deletion. The uploads and tracking yet work correctly. 🎉

In the next days, I will be fixing those bugs and optimize the performance even further.

Testing CloudKit however is always a hassle. Especially testing with CloudKit subscriptions. For some reason in my experience release builds always work, but debug builds sometimes don’t receive the notification.

But whatever.

When implementing CloudKit in my apps I always refer back to this article. CloudKit 101 by _Inside (old versions). If you are interested, I recommend following this article as well.