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Choosing where to live | Daily #134

The Netherlands is the place where I’m going to keep living.
Choosing where to live | Daily #134
The three biggest decisions in your life are to choose what you do, where to live, and who your friends are.

Where to live has been something on my mind for the past few months. I’ve been looking for a house to buy and move into. My idea is to live there for the foreseeable future, and thus 10-20 years most probably.

So in choosing a living location, I’ve asked myself the following questions in the priority.

  1. Can my future children grow up well and be challenged.
  2. Will my job opportunities be as well or better than where I live currently.
  3. Will it be accessible by family and friends who are always welcome to come.
  4. Will the house and neighborhood feel like home.

Out of these questions, there were several locations at the start. After seeing some neighborhoods and houses, there are now only two three locations left with one being extremely high. Cause of privacy reasons, I won’t share which neighborhoods.

Now that I have a location in mind, I’m trying my best to live there.

People sometimes ask why I don’t live abroad, cause I’m still pretty young. Well, in short, I like the Netherlands. I’ve been blessed to travel to the majority of the world continents and their major countries with the exceptions of Africa and South America. Thus, I think I do have a good perspective for myself where I would want to live.

But when it comes to climate, for me the Netherlands or Europe, in general, is perfect. I don’t like the warmth that much thus I tend to avoid countries in Asia and North America. Even though, Europe itself lacks for some reason AC across all the countries when heatwaves are here, the majority of the year the weather is great for me. Not too warm and not too cold either.

Of course, the food is way better in other parts of the world like South Korea, Hong Kong, Los Angeles. But good quality food isn’t a top priority for me.

My goal is to keep making the Netherlands my home while I still travel to other places. I still have loads of family in Hong Kong, and will continue calling that my second home. But for now, the Netherlands is the place where I’m going to keep living.