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Channel the power of Music | Daily #182

Losing energy and focus? I put on hip-hop music that gives energy.
Channel the power of Music | Daily #182
Photo by Eric Nopanen / Unsplash

First of all, I want to say that music is indeed very subjective. Some like electronic music during work, some like heavy metal for some reason. But we can all agree all one thing. A certain music type brings a certain kind of emotion/mood that can be channeled into a certain action.

For example, I like to write and code with music gives a playful energy. For me specifically, these are certain hip hop and R&B music. When I go to clubs or parties, I like to dance to that music as well. I get a certain type of energy and feeling that makes me active.

Especially hip-hop music. That’s why I mainly only listen to Hip Hop music while I’m exercising in the gym for example.

Then when it comes to relaxing or calming I like to listen to traditional pop music. Like when I’m talking with people at a party, but don’t want the music to be too loud. Still, it generates a mood where I like to be social for example. Thus this means or is generally good for occasions that don’t require that much energy and focus.

If you understand what music brings a certain mood out of you, you can use channel it. Losing energy and focus? I put on hip-hop music that gives energy.
Want to relax a bit while still working? I put on pop/mainstream music.
Want to feel blessed? I put on gospel music
Wanna get nostalgia from a decade ago? I listen to the music from a decade or more ago.

Use music to your advantage.