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Day #49 | Body Regression October

Day #49 | Body Regression October

I’ve been ignoring and regressing my body again.

For the past three-four weeks, I’ve been losing muscle and gaining fat.

Due to the big daily COVID19 increases here in the Netherlands, it feels less safe to go to the gym. Also, my gym has made it harder for people to reserve a spot. You probably, have reserve five to seven days before.

Yes, the mortality rate is low. Yes, since I’m young and overall healthy I’m pretty sure I will only have minimal symptoms. But to risk it even for that low chance feels a bit uncomfortable.

I promised myself that I would get back to my original fitness at the beginning of this year.

I haven’t lived up to it this month.

The following November and December I won’t though.

I must and am going to improve before the New Year.