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Blog Update 11th July - I'm back

I'm back.
Blog Update 11th July - I'm back

Hi to all who have been reading my blog.

I haven’t written anything for my blog for the last two months. Mainly cause there was limited progress to share in general. My indie- work was short and earnings were low.

I became lazy and relied heavily on my stocks and crypto portfolio to have other income streams besides my main job. But I’ve come to realize that isn’t good enough. At least not for me.

I need to put in better work and establish a better career.

I need to get away from my unproductive habits.

I need to put myself to high standards again.

For the past, two months I’ve spent my writing time on useless things like video-gaming, watching too much esports, Netflix, and other things that didn’t provide long-term value.

There wasn’t any writing, learning, coding, designing, marketing, and sales. Nothing.

After two months, I finally realized again that this isn’t what I want to do.

Changes are going to be made.

I’m going to do less of those low-value actions.

I’m going to write daily again, and publish the majority of it on this blog again.

I’m going to start picking up my old and new indie projects again.

I’m going to build products and learn new skills.

I'm back.