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Day #40 | Being nice

Once I see the smile of somebody by being nice to them it makes my day.
Day #40 | Being nice

I would say that in general I'm a nice guy. (Immediately sound egotistical as hell)

I smile to everybody including strangers when making eye-contact or having conversations.

I make compliments whenever I can, whether it is about their knowledge, looks, skills, work, network, or anything else.

Thanks to this, people are in general nice to me as well.

But it comes with a disadvantage.

People are less likely to criticize me, cause they may think they are not nice to me. This even happens in the Netherlands where most people are pretty direct.

This happens even when I criticize them as well. That is usually a bummer when I ask for specific feedback.

That is one of the disadvantages of being nice.

But I don’t care.

Once I see the smile of somebody by being nice to them it makes my day. At that moment, I have created a nice moment for somebody else by just being nice to them.

Complimenting the chef who cooked the food (instead of the waiter). The cook may only get one compliment once a week.

Complimenting about someone’s shirt they are wearing (in real life not fake online). The person may never hear a compliment about that specific shirt.

Complimenting your partner that he/she looks cute.

Just some examples where you can brighten someone’s day.

So be nice to others.

(Unless you do it to hide your own insecurity, may write about it in another post)