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Back from Slovenia | Daily #210

Back from Slovenia | Daily #210
Photo by Eugene Kuznetsov / Unsplash

I’m back from Slovenia and that’s also why I wasn’t writing daily for the last few days.

How was it? Well, the trip itself was very exhausting and fun. The trip was to celebrate a good friend’s birthday. But these celebrations can sometimes be exhausting especially when we are multiple days together. We barely slept and for three nights, I’ve only slept 10 hours in total.

Was it fun though?

Yes, we made jokes, did stupid stuff, made funny videos, took pictures, saw some history, drank, ate, and more. I wouldn’t trade anything for these new and amazing memories.

For now, though, I don’t have plans anytime soon to go on a trip again at least for this year. Maybe a nearby city, but that’s about it. I got amazing new ideas and energy to pursue my dreams and can’t wait to work on them. Especially for next year.

I’m going back to writing consistently 4-7 times a week as I’m used to tilling the end of the year.

Never forget to create amazing memories with your family and/or friends. Those are worth a million times more than a career highlight or money.