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Anger should be controlled not dismissed | Daily #130

Use your anger well.
Anger should be controlled not dismissed | Daily #130

Anger is usually an emotion that has a bad annotation in modern society.

It is frequently related to chaos, where things usually happen that can be considered negative. Anger can lead to undesired actions. We have all seen this either in our own life or in others.

  • Anger can lead to words that can be hurtful while it wasn’t even true.
  • Anger can lead to moody swings that have nothing against you.
  • Anger can lead to making the wrong decisions cause you weren’t thinking clearly.
  • Anger can lead to unwanted physical violence that even may result in death.

These are some of the outcomes that may happen when you may be (very) angry. This is also why people tell to be calm and to dismiss anger entirely. They say when you are angry you can’t think clearly.

And yes, to a certain degree this is true.

But let’s look at the positives of anger. Whenever you are angry there are also things you may discover new things.

  • Anger could lead to saying things you never would have and they may even be the truth.
  • Anger could lead to the realization that specific individuals are not worth your time.
  • Anger could lead you to take action you never thought of was possible
  • Anger could lead to standing up to yourself

These are some outcomes that may positively impact your life. Discovering abilities and realizations is powerful and anger can provide that.

Don’t dismiss anger. In some scenarios, if you keep it inside too much, it may explode one day.

You have to control your anger and learn to use it.

Be angry at the right thing. For example, you may hate that a problem isn’t solved yet. If you use that anger to come up with a solution to solve, you have extra incentive to work on it.

Same as if you hate yourself being not able to do a particular skill like programming. Well, that could be a big motivator to learn the skill and fight against yourself in this instance.

All in all, in modern society anger, can’t be dismissed. It is a human emotion that should be embraced and controlled as well.

Use your anger well.

I’ve never met someone who is competitive by nature and is never angry.