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AirPods Max | Daily #145

I literally don't see why anyone should buy this.
AirPods Max | Daily #145
Photo by Dan Counsell / Unsplash

I bought the AirPods Max just to try it out. After an hour or two, I returned them.

I think that they were too heavy for me. My head or neck was starting to get annoyed by it. Also, because of that, I started to get headaches as well. So when it comes to comfort, it definitely didn't suit me. I did like the size of the over-ear cups, but that was a small plus when I'm getting headaches from the product as a whole.

Then the sound quality was definitely nice. It's better than the other headphones that I've used including Sonys MX2 and MX4. But that quality is not 'that' much better. While I do listen to music quite a lot, I'm not an audiophile. The sound quality difference wasn't worth the money for me.

As for features like Spatial Audio and Transparency Mode, they work incredibly well, given the scenarios to use them. The only feature that was pretty fun was Spatial Audio, it indeed made things more immersive, but I don't watch movies a lot. So I don't think I will notice that much of it.

For transparency mode, I feel like that is extremely gimmicky. If I want to talk to people, I just put down my headphones. Who the fuck put their headphones still on when they're talking to someone. Also, if it's for the use case 'I still want to hear people when I'm listening to music', then get regular headphones.

Overall, these were my biggest reasons for returning the AirPods Max immediately after an hour or two of use. Honestly, a big disappointment considering its price and marketing. I literally don't see why anyone should buy this except to flex or be chained to the Apple ecosystem.