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Day #42 | Airplane mode is a tool for focus

Airplane mode means being disconnected.
Day #42 | Airplane mode is a tool for focus

These days people can’t live without their phones. Literally.

So many people are unfocused in daily activities.

Whether it is working, having conversations with people, training at the gym, reading a book, doing homework, people will look at their phones.

It is getting to the point where people pull their phones out of habit. Even though there is nothing to check.

No messages, no notifications, nothing. They will say it is to check the ‘time’, but we all know that is a habit and an addiction.

They need to be connected and get their periodic fix.

Being disconnected is almost impossible.

Big tech companies are even against the idea of being disconnected. They hire the best thinkers and engineers in the world just to put you (the individual) glued to the phone at all times.

With algorithms so smart that know what you potentially like with a hook percentage chance. Even worse, the algorithm gets better whether it is right or wrong.

The only time where they respect your time is only when sleeping. But even then only when you put your phone ‘night mode’.

They haven’t consciously provided a technology yet to be truly disconnected.

But they did provide one unintentionally.

That is the ‘Airplane Mode’.

This mode was created to not interfere with the airplane’s communication systems. Thus Airplane Mode provided a solution to restrict the phone from any communication.

Which means being disconnected.

No notifications comes in. Your social media feed won't refresh. Nothing.

Use this mode for a focused time. No distractions.

Whether it is to complete a blog post, read a chapter of a book, write an email template, IF you want a complete focused period use this Airplane Mode and be disconnected.

The greatest milestones come from focus.

Do you think Usain Bolt gets distracted by his social media when running a relay?

No me neither.

Make use of the Airplane Mode, be disconnected and do great work.