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Entertainment Abundance | Daily #140

Unless you need to market yourself or your business. Stay away from social media.
Entertainment Abundance | Daily #140
Photo by Souvik Banerjee / Unsplash

At this age, there is too much to consume.

Take one example like Netflix and you spend hundreds and even maybe thousands of hours consuming content. Or the Amazon bookstore, there are millions of books available to select and consume from. Or YouTube, there are millions of short and long videos to watch or listen to.

Overall there is too much to select and consume from.

When I grew up, I still remember that I can only watch certain channels on TV. There wasn’t an unlimited amount of channels that I could consume. I would watch what's on TV and that’s it. You spend probably one hour on the TV for a specific show or two and then be done with it.

Now you can spend an endless amount of time cause YouTube, Netflix, Instagram, TikTok, and all other social media platforms exist. It is too much and you should realize it.

I don’t think the human mind has evolved where we can consume this much content. That’s why I also think this is the age where mental issues are so prominent. They spend hours and hours consuming rather than creating and experiencing.

Before all this entertainment abundance, we would go to a place and connect with people. We would talk without referencing social media or political discussions, cause we didn’t know about it. All we did was have fun, talk about our life, or just be together without doing anything. Why? cause there is beauty in peace. Now, with everything connected, there is almost no peace.

This abundance of entertainment is not good for the human mind. Filter it as much as possible. I always say unless you need to market yourself or your business. Stay away from social media.

It’s much more satisfying to build yourself and your community than consume entertainment in the long run.