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A loyal fool | Daily #176

Once there are better opportunities and your output outgrows the company, it is time for a change.
A loyal fool | Daily #176
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Sometimes I meet someone again after a while and basically catch up with them.

We trade ‘war stories’ together and have a good time usually. Sometimes they do tell me that they haven’t changed jobs in five years or even more. Then they basically give me the reason cause they want to be loyal.

Loyalty is a concept I do agree with to some extent. You want to stay with the people that have helped you in times that didn’t benefit them necessarily. For example, friends that knew you were in a dark place and tried to talk to you about it. The family that took care of you even though they had it hard themselves. And even companies that took the chance on you even though you were nothing.

But there is also foolish loyalty. When a ship is sinking some drown with them cause the captain gave them a chance to travel the world. But even though the ship is sinking, because of loyalty, you stay with the captain and die.

That’s what I see sometimes. Even though, yes, a few years ago it could be the case that it was indeed a good opportunity. But sometimes your growth just exceeds what the company can offer. Your value can outgrow the benefits.

These could be in mission and vision not aligning. The materialistic value doesn’t match with the output and skills. Stagnation in growth and overall satisfaction. Happiness within the company. Once a few of these do not align, it is time for another chapter.

There is a reason why the best football players don’t stay at their local clubs. They are scouted and want to go to the biggest organizations if possible. Or at least an organization that can match their value. They don’t stay at their local football clubs for eternity, they leave when there are better opportunities.

That should be you as well. Once there are better opportunities and your output outgrows the company, it is time for a change. Don’t be a loyal fool.