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A big weakness | Daily #230

I have to reflect if I want to go faster.
A big weakness | Daily #230
Photo by Nick Abrams / Unsplash

One of my biggest weaknesses holds me back more often than not. It moves me at a slower rate. It makes me often stagnant in my career.

That’s the weakness of wanting to do everything myself. When I start a new project, I do the design myself. I code the program myself. I do the research myself. I talk to the (potential) customers myself.

All of this slows me down more often than not. Even to the degree where I would rather learn the tech stack than hiring somebody who does it for me. I’ve hired freelancers to my job sometimes, but those times were usually where I had no choice.

My ego is sometimes also too big where I think I can learn the same skill and have similar output. Which actually is rarely the case.

This weakness holds me back rather than moving quickly. In today's age, I’m a slowpoke with releasing and monetizing projects. I have to reflect if I want to go faster.

Or need to go faster.